Shawn's charcoal/pencil renderings are portrayals of subject or subjects without the use of color. "Come dream with me..."
Womans Best Friend Charcoal Takeo Spikes Charcoal Special Charcoal Pilot Charcoal Paul Brown Stadium Charcoal
Man Charcoal 1 Man Charcoal 2 Man Charcoal 3 Lady Charcoal 1 Lady Charcoal 2
Kids Charcoal Jack Steffen Charcoal Isabella Voelker Charcoal Horse Charcoal Girl Charcoal 1
Girl Charcoal 2 Girl Charcoal 3 Girl Charcoal 4 Eddie Vedder Charcoal Earnhardt's Charcoal
Don Shula Charcoal Dale Earnhardt Charcoal Couple Charcoal Bulldog Charcoal Boy Charcoal 1
Boy Charcoal 2 Boy Charcoal 3 Boy Charcoal 4 Boy Charcoal 5 Boy Charcoal 6
Mr. Haggard Charcoal